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We are Asahi Shimbun service anchor "ASA Jiyugaoka" in Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku.
A company whose main focus is “newspaper delivery”!
With the motto of being close to the community, we value interaction with the people of the city.


Get one as a gift with new registration!



UV cut rate 90% or more

1 UV neck cover



Perfect for refrigerators!

1 magnet scissors




Wearing image

Protect your neck, which tends to be defenseless, from summer UV rays!

Image of use

Use properly with cooking scissors

It's convenient!

* You cannot choose the color of the scissors

  • Applicable to newly registered members.

  • You can select the gift you want at the time of official registration.

  • Gifts are subject to change without notice. Please note.

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▶ Monthly gift information is distributed Information such as valuable art exhibition invitation tickets that guide newspaper subscribers is distributed!

▶ Acquire the right to participate in hands-on sessions and seminars held by ASA
Invite e-mail magazine members for free to experience sessions and seminars sponsored by ASA!

▶ "ASA impression and carefully selected gourmet" nationwide at newspaper subscriber prices!
Hokkaido gourmet is especially popular !! Even more discounts than the discounted amount!

▶ Deliver coupons that can be used around Jiyugaoka!
Deliver coupon information that can be used at ASA affiliated stores in Jiyugaoka, Toritsu University, and Ookayama areas!